Custom Bobblehead - Single Body

Product Code: 020164

All we need is your photo and we'll turn your face into a custom bobblehead.

Please note: You choose the body from over 50 options and your head is hand-crafted from a photo that you upload.

Order Information

  • Once purchased online you will automatically receive an email which includes the instructions on where and how to upload the photo of your choice for this item.
  • The ideal photo for bobbleheads would be one where the face is bright and clear. The photo should be clear and not blurry.
  • The heads are COMPLETELY hand sculpted. So if the head in the photo has a hat on it or glasses, your bobblehead will also have that sculpted on it.
  • Bodies are prefabricated. There are many body styles to select from but we do NOT customize bodies in any way. Only the heads are customized based on the photo you submit.
  • Your bobblehead designer will communicate with you using an online system that allows you to accept proofs throughout the process. You will need to approve a final proof online. Your bobblehead will be delivered 4-6 weeks AFTER you upload your photo and begin the approval process


  • Made of poly-resin
  • Most bobbleheads are 6" - 7" tall.
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