3D Photo Crystal Extra Large with Key Chain

Product Code: 022150

We can turn your photo into a 3D photo inside a block of crystal. All we need is your photo!

Measures 8 cm x 12 cm + includes a matching key chain of the SAME PHOTO.
Six people or 6 pets, or 1 car maximum for extra-large block. Photo must be of the face or partial bust to be converted to 3D. Background will be removed. You choose either a vertical (as shown) or horizontal orientation at time of photo upload. Comes with lightstand (batteries not included).

If you choose to add engraving, we will add an engraved plate to the base.

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Offer Information

  • Once purchased you will automatically receive an email which includes the instructions on where and how to upload the photo of your choice for this item.
  • The ideal photo for 3D photo crystals are close up photos. Try to submit a photo that is close to the subjects in the photo. Long shots will make the subject smaller and more difficult to see.
  • The general rule is that a white subject on a white background will be difficult to see, as will a dark subject on a dark background. Ensure there is sufficient contrast in the photo.
  • You choose either a vertical or horizontal orientation at time of photo upload.
  • Please ensure the file you submit it lower than 3MB. We will scale the image to the size of the block.


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